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PROJECTS + Glitch + Tutu Trouble Errant production company aims to produce edgy artistic work including activities, events and performances that fuse dance, physical theatre and immersive experience; as well as promoting dance activities and participation through courses and workshops. Sharing culture and esperiences through dance, drama and music.
BACK Tutu Trouble Vinicius Salles and Errant present a brand new performance that aims to shift the perceptions of normality in modern society. Vinicius wrote this original story to celebrate all gender identities. Performed by Errant’s multi-talented dancers, Tutu Trouble will bring to life the story of two friends who find an old tutu as they embark on a fantastical journey of discovery and friendship.

Showcasing Vinicius’ original immersive choreographic style, Tutu Trouble will combine immersive and physical theatre, quirky characterisation, innovative technologies, text and dance to demystify stereotypes of gender, and to empower and celebrate boys’ and girls’ identities. We will create the work within an immersive, explorable theatre environment for young audiences, and will build a tourable immersive set, to be performed outdoors or indoors for a sustainable future touring life. An app will also be available for kids to access during the performance, highlighting the interactivity of the project. Working with recycled plastic and other materials, we plan to reinvent objects and costumes to inspire imaginations. We will research different smoke and fog effects to be incorporated into our show, to create beautiful scenery to engage all children in a unique environment.

This project will allow Vinicius to develop partnerships and networks, targeting young LGBTQ+ audiences. At its core, the goal of this performance is to address the often harsh realities of growing up different, while eradicating the social pressures of sexual identity and gender stereotypes.

With insightful humour, engaging drama and an acute observation of social issues, Tutu Trouble will take audiences on a wonderful journey of discovery, giving the next generation of those who are LGBTQ+ permission to be themselves, unapologetically.
The Stonewall school report of 2017 says that sex education was extremely limited when providing LGBTQ+-related information. Rates of poor mental health are alarmingly high among young LGBTQ+ people, and tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying should form part of the school curriculum and be an important aim for society as a whole. This project comes with the idea of offering to schools and general audiences an approach towards celebrating difference and creating an inclusive environment for all children. 

On the report, openly LGBTQ+ role models and allies at home, at school, in the local community or in the public eye play a crucial role in supporting many LGBTQ+ young people to be themselves. More needs to be done to ensure that a diverse range of identities and experiences are represented across all forms of media. 

It is key, now more than ever, to present a positive family story that touches on important subjects of inclusion. Celebrating diverse gender identities within a fun environment will be crucial to educate and entertain children of all ages.
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glitch Glitch is an interactive dance performance. Choreographed by Vinicius Salles, featuring Jannick Moth and Noa Genazzano, and produced by Errant. As a small-scale production, Glitch can travel everywhere and be presented in the most unusual places. Glitch is now in the phase of capturing funding and dates to tour in 2019.

Glitch instigates an immersive experience during which audience members are invited to influence and even become a part of the narrative, using technology to interact with the piece. With their smartphones switched on and used throughout, they will download an app which sets off a conversation between the character and themselves in real time, talking to him, and sharing their experiences and thoughts. The show slips between two worlds – the physical and the virtual – both of which compete for the audience’s attention. 
play traller
BACK Fusing installation, dance and theatre, OX invites the audience to become inhabitants and participants of a dark underworld, allowing them to interact with the story from the inside. Our 2017 sharings explored the interplay between performers and audience within a city lost in time and space.
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Croydon, London