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Errənt presents a brand new physical theatre performance that aims to shift the perceptions of gender identity for children by bringing to life the charismatic story of two friends who find an old tutu as they embark on a fantastic journey of discovery and friendship. Choreographed by Vinicius Salles and performed by Errant's multi-talented dancers, this original story celebrates acceptance of all gender identities.

Tutu Trouble will inspire everyone's imagination. At its core, the goal of this performance is to address the often harsh realities of growing up different, while eradicating the social pressures of sexual identity and demystifying gender stereotypes.

With insightful humour and an acute observation of social issues, combining physical theatre, quirky characterisation, text and dance, Tutu Trouble will take audiences on a wonderful journey of discovery to empower the next generation of LGBTQ+ and give them permission to be themselves, unapologetically.
NEXT STEP + The project is beeing produced by 1DegreeEast, and it is in its final stages, preceding a full production and tour in June 2020. This project will allow Errənt and Vinicius to develop partnerships and networks, targeting young LGBTQ+ audiences. We have begun the conversation with our supporters to our tour in 2020.

Tutu Trouble will have a full version of theatres and a 25 min outdoor performance named 'Petti Tutu' to be able to travel to a variety of different spaces with its bespoke set, allowing maximum reach to as many audience members as possible.

WHY + Errənt feels compelled to touch on themes that challenge the social structures and its regulators.  The Stonewall school report of 2017 says: sex education was extremely limited when providing LGBTQ+-related information. Rates of poor mental health are alarmingly high among young LGBTQ+ people, and tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying should form part of the school curriculum and be an important aim for society as a whole. This project aims to offer to schools and general audiences an approach towards celebrating difference and creating an inclusive environment for all children. 

In the report, openly LGBTQ+ role models and allies at home, at school, in the local community or in the public eye play a crucial role in supporting many LGBTQ+ young people to be themselves. More needs to be done to ensure that a diverse range of identities and experiences are represented across all forms of media. 

It is key, now more than ever, to present a positive family story that touches on important subjects of inclusion. Celebrating diverse gender identities within a fun environment will be crucial to educate and entertain children of all ages.

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